In the quiet suburbs of north Brisbane, a small house brims with the laughter and dreams of a four-year-old girl named Daisy*. Living with her grandma, Daisy’s life is one of routine and resilience, marked by early morning bus rides and the warmth of a loving guardian.

Daisy’s journey to her grandma’s care began in hardship. Her mother, escaping an abusive relationship, was forced to prioritise their safety above all else. The trauma left Daisy’s mum battling severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, making it unsafe for her to care for Daisy. Despite these challenges, she is resolutely working towards recovery with the support of child safety services.

Jenny, Daisy’s grandma, stepped in to provide the stability and love Daisy needed. Rising at 4am each day, she ensures Daisy gets to daycare before heading to her demanding job in aged care. Without a car, their mornings involve multiple bus and train rides, and on particularly tough days, the added expense of taxi fares when schedules don’t align.

Jenny’s commitment to Daisy is unwavering. “Daisy is my world,” she shares in her application for a MacKillop Bursary. “I want to give her the best life possible. Seeing her smile makes all the hardships worth it. But I worry about my daughter and the strain of being separated from her child. She’s been through so much, and all I want is for our family to be whole and happy again.”

Jenny dreams of enrolling Daisy in a Catholic school, a place that would provide the stability and nurturing environment crucial for her growth. The local college, catering to students from Prep to Year 12, is an ideal fit. It’s close to their home, and Jenny envisions a simpler life where she can walk Daisy to school and then take just one bus to work. This small change would alleviate a significant burden, bringing immense relief to their daily lives.

The Mary MacKillop Catholic School Access Fund has a history of transforming lives, supporting over 100 students with tuition and fees. A bursary for Daisy would ensure she receives sustained support throughout her education, giving her the chance to thrive in a loving family environment and focus on her learning without the constant fear of instability.

Supporting Daisy’s education would not only provide her with a solid foundation for the future but also give her mother the peace of mind to focus on her recovery, knowing her daughter is safe and flourishing. Your tax-deductible contributions can help Jenny continue being the steadfast guardian Daisy relies on, ensuring she grows up surrounded by love and stability.

Every donation to the MacKillop Fund brings hope and relief to families like Daisy’s. Together, we can offer a brighter future filled with possibilities and support for those who need it most.

*To protect their privacy, we do not use the real names of applicants or bursary recipients. Please know their stories and your impact in their lives are real.

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