Endowments grow and fund ministries into the future

An endowment within the Catholic Foundation creates a unique partnership between you and the area you are most passionate about. It gives you the opportunity to realise your philanthropic vision, and designate your support to the area closest to your heart.

An endowment is a fund that generates income to a charitable cause or non-profit agency forever.  These funds are opened with a financial gift or a gift in your Will, and gives you the opportunity to name a beneficiary organisation (such as a parish or Holy Spirit Seminary). You can also choose to name a ministry (such as youth ministry or hospital chaplaincy) as the designated recipient of the annual funding generated by your endowment.

The principal gift amount is invested and never spent down and additional gifts to the endowment fund can be made at any time. The fund continues to grow while earnings are distributed each year for the charitable purposes you specify. Endowments are perpetual funds that last forever, providing support to the church's mission into the future.

*Examples are based on 8.8% annual growth (indicative of 10 year historical Australia average) with 5% for grants and 1% for administrative costs.

Naming opportunities

An endowment can be named in honour or memory of individuals and families or named for a specific parish, school or ministry. A named endowment may be opened with a minimum investment of $50,000. There is no minimum amount on future gifts to the fund.

This initial donation may be made over a period of three years or even through a gift in your Will.

Donations made to the fund

The Catholic Foundation can process future deposits to the fund from interested individuals at any time. These funds generate income allowing an annual charitable payment back to the organisation. Endowments are critical to the long-term survival of parishes, schools and charitable organisations as they provide a permanent and stable source of income over time.

Make a Gift to an Existing Fund

You can make a gift to an existing fund at any time using the button below.
Contact us on 07 3324 3200 to learn more about setting up a perpetual endowment fund.