The Catholic Foundation Grants Program reaches out to support those remarkable organisations, ministries and individuals that serve our Church and strengthen our community. Grants are made possible through the generosity of donors who have created permanent endowments to support the spiritual, educational and social needs of the Catholic community. Guided by an evolving assessment of community needs, the Catholic Foundation Grants Program attempts to do the most good, in the most efficient way possible.

Under the terms of its charter, the Catholic Foundation can distribute grants only to qualified Catholic ministries, parishes and schools with principal offices in the Archdiocese of Brisbane whose values align with the teachings of the Church and follow best practices for non-profit organisations.

Applications close at 5.00pm on Friday, 27 September 2024.

The Catholic Foundation looks for as many as possible of the following conditions in a proposal:

The project helps fulfil the mission of your organisation and the mission of the Archdiocese.

Support from the Catholic Foundation would be vital to a proposed project’s success.

The proposed project has specific and measurable goals.

The proposed project either meets a specific time-limited need OR is likely to continue and expand after the grant period, becoming self-supporting.

The proposed project is innovative and efficient in its use of funds. For example, a collaborative network (e.g. a large volunteer group) that multiplies the impact of the grant, or expenses are reduced by sharing resources with other agencies, groups or parishes within a deanery.

The proposed project is a well-planned approach to solving a problem and delivering services.

The proposed project will commence soon after a grant is made.

Grants are not made to or for purposes of:

Annual fund-raising events or drives

Debt reduction

Organisations not supported or endorsed by the Catholic Church or not serving an identifiable Catholic population

Endowments or Individuals.

Other Considerations

Grant monies must be used for the purpose for which funds were applied for and approved.

Organisations must agree to comply with the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Children and Young Adults Policy before grant awards will be distributed.

Organisations must complete and submit an Impact Report for active grants before applying for a new grant.

Applications are processed once a year but may be submitted at any time. Applications made now will be processed for disbursement in 2024

Applications must be emailed or postmarked before the specified closing date. Late applications will be considered in the next cycle.

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