Eloise and Steven Bird

With the help of a grant, we were able to train young adults in basic faith formation.


Paul Ninnes

I am very thankful to the people who appreciate the value of a thriving youth ministry and that the opportunity to apply for a grant is available to us here


Jack's Parents

Mentors and teachers who will believe in Jack and can guide him along a path of faith and better possibilities.


Colin Apelt

Our Pope keeps saying that the Church must become more outward looking, I would like to see more of this. We need to take care of the day to day operations, but I see so much need out there for what the Church has to offer.


Heather and Michael Greene

It was very important to us that our children were brought up in the faith, in a school that promoted Catholic values and the teachings of Jesus. We want to be able to give this to other students, especially those whose lives are disadvantaged.


Jessica Rogerson

I know that what I give to Centacare goes to an organisation that looks after the people who need support – people from my own community. I like to know that even though I can’t give extravagantly, I am doing my part.

Seminary / Retired Priests

Karen and John Lynch

We want to support our priests, because they have supported us. We give to the Priests Foundation and the Holy Spirit Seminary because we see that priests can have a huge impact in the lives of many people. We need good priests, and want to help them the way they have helped us.


Adrian Di Marco

A quality education and the support of teachers and staff at St James made a tremendous difference in my own life. Education is one way to break out of poverty and ensure a better future – I hope this gift makes that possible for Jimmies families who are struggling.


John O’Hara

If we can give these kids, who already face such incredibly tough odds, a fighting chance to achieve success in life, to know the joy of making life-long friends, and to have teachers that support and push them to reach their full potential, then I think we have done a great thing as a community.


Shirley and Ashley Goldsworthy

Catholic education as an integral part of nurturing faith in younger generations, and we firmly believe education is the greatest gift you can give a child. Knowledge and faith don’t grow in ignorance. If children are not taught in the faith they can’t understand the faith.


Barbara and John Watt

We have seen the brokenness of society and as the Church we must be at the coalface of this brokenness.


Catherine Goldsworthy, Kangaroo Point Parish

Even though we are only a little Parish, I like to see that we can hold our own and be proud of what we are able to put toward a good cause.


Tanya McNeill, St Dympna’s APRE

Our school leadership feels the Catholic Campaign is a very worthy cause to support.


Brigid and Jonathan Ries

It means a lot to Jonathan and me to support the mission of the Church. As Catholics we feel called to help the wider Church however we can


Jonathan Ries

I ticked monthly giving last time I made a donation so that I wouldn’t forget! I think that choosing to give this way will mean we can donate more to the Church by the end of the year than if we supported with the odd one-off gift.


Andrew Barter, Catholic Campaign Ambassador

Contributing a small amount of my time to present and educate my fellow parishioners each year during the week of the Campaign is the least that I can do to assist this important cause

Retired Priests

Felice and Del Zaccari

We need to support our priests; we need to support their education and their aged care. We’re not fond of the limelight, but we hope that others will share the same conviction and take action for the Church in whatever way they are able


Felice and Del Zaccari

I feel a personal conviction that as Catholics, we should do what we can. We must help the poor, we must educate young people, and we must pass on the true Catholic faith – these are the things I am interested in for younger generations.


Melissa and Patrick

Our parish priest has been a pillar of strength through some of the hardest times of our lives. We hope that our gift might help foster another priest to be there in the same way for another family going through tough situations.



My sisters, brothers and I were brought up to believe that you look after others through actions, service or giving. As I have matured, I have connected this more closely with my faith – if I want a better world I have to do my bit.

Retired Priests

Mrs and Dr Wong

We make our best efforts annually to support the Priests Foundation. We feel that it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to support those that have always selflessly served us with their ministry.



I give because I am fortunate to have employment and a stable, loving relationship. It is good to know that I can help vulnerable people through my donation.

Retired Priests

Fr Kevin Smith

Without support from generous parishioners and friends, critical services such as accommodation support, transport assistance, and healthcare, will not be possible.


Sarah and Joe

To the donors who support the MacKillop Fund – ‘thank you’ will never be enough, but I hope it is a start in expressing our eternal gratitude.

Gift in Will

Hazel Margaret

I love the Church and I have decided to leave a gift in my Will to the Church so that I can leave a legacy of faith.


Marjorie & Wayne Wessels, Wessels & Co

The Assembly of Catholic Professionals provides us with an opportunity to listen to the experiences of other Catholics and to share our own experiences as we continue on our journey of faith. The speakers have been great and have provided us with material for self-reflection and for family discussion. We are inspired by the faith and life experiences of the members and speakers, and value the fellowship fostered by the Assembly.