Through your generous support, Centacare provides help and hope to transform lives and enrich communities.

When you make a gift to support Centacare’s vital work, your kindness restores a sense of personal dignity to people who are marginalised, alone and in vulnerable circumstances. It is a silent affirmation that there is good in the world, and a supportive network within reach.

Care today to give a better tomorrow

Did you know almost 25% of Australians remember seeing their mothers violently abused by their partner?* Domestic and family violence doesn’t discriminate. In Australia, one in four women have experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner and one in four women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner. Of those women who have experienced violence more than half had children in their care.

When you make a donation to support this vital service, you help turn houses into homes for women and children escaping domestic and family violence. You provide an avenue of escape, and a road to healing – both physically and emotionally.

Your care will provide vital services in our local community

Through your gift you become an integral partner in our mission to provide care where the need is greatest.

Be a care champion

Your gift of $1000 or more champions the changes needed to address domestic and family violence, mental health and homelessness in our local communities.

Be a care companion

Your monthly gift to Centacare gives people in vulnerable circumstances a care companion on their journey.

Join a care circle

Create a care circle with your family, friends, work colleagues or neighbours and make a group donation to help those in vulnerable circumstances.


Sarah and Joe's children were supported in the MacKillop Fund.

“To the donors who support the MacKillop Fund – ‘thank you’ will never be enough, but I hope it is a start in expressing our eternal gratitude.”