A place for people in your local community to thrive

Pastoral ministry can be challenging work. It is demanding, difficult and emotional. And yet, it is vital. It is in this work that we walk alongside those who are living with mental illness and the many challenges that come with it. It is here that we show the heart of our Catholic faith.

When you support the Centacare Mental Health Hub, you embrace and honour those who are often excluded in our society.

Through your generosity, they can grow and adapt to a society that has, at times, turned its back on them. You give them the non-judgemental and holistic care they need to grow, learn and strengthen. Your commitment provides those who are living with mental health illness access to quality care that supports the autonomy and dignity of the individual. Care is focused on recovery and understanding, helping people to find answers and fulfilment through counselling, physical activity, outings and vocational skills building.

Will you care today to give a better tomorrow?

Your gift will provide hope and care for a brighter future.