Your support can make a tangible difference in creating ‘havens of peace and places of comfort’ for retired priests.

With your gift, you will help ensure they embark on their retirement with the care and respect befitting their lifelong service.

Today, I hope you will take to heart that your support makes a real difference. Your generosity is a blessing. Because of you, our retired priests can enter this well-deserved journey of rest and reflection knowing they have a congregation of the faithful carrying them in prayer and service.

When you support elderly, unwell and retired priests in your local community, you provide essential accommodation and medical care.

More than that, you show them that their years of service made a difference in your heart.

Right now, your generous support to The Priests Foundation cares for 66 elderly or unwell priests.

"I’ve always believed that with age comes wisdom. Our retired priests still have a lot to teach us, and through
The Priests Foundation we make sure they are able to continue their ministry."

 - Father Frank Jones,
Chair, The Priests Foundation

Priests never truly retire

For most of the priests in our Archdiocese, the idea of stepping away from the communities and families they have looked after for years seems unfathomable. They continue their ministry well into their later years, and only slow down once illness forces them to. The transition from active work to retirement is a different experience for each of our priests – some welcoming the slower pace; others finding the change in their day-to-day ministry confronting after so many years of being immersed in parish life.

Your gift today helps them continue living their calling.

Our priests have been with us through the good times and the bad

Through baptism to the administering of the last rites, our clergy have been there with us celebrating or supporting us daily, weekly, monthly.


A blessing for retired priest, Father Jim Browne

"I cannot forget the privilege Rev Jim Browne conveyed on me. I say he was the final path that led me to my decision of Confirmation. He says he is only the instrument. Having been to where Saint Paul was imprisoned, seen inside Saint Mark's Cathedral and in the catacombs of the Vatican, I maintain it was Rev Browne who led me to the finish line. I bless him for his kindness, his voice and the generosity he gives to all."

          - Faithful supporter, Keith Neven