Iain is a survivor of domestic and family violence. His childhood was marked by ongoing physical and emotional abuse from his father, who struggled with severe mental health issues. Despite the trauma and pain, Iain’s faith remained steadfast. He often shares, “When I had nothing else in life, I still had my faith. Through some really hard times, my faith got me through.”

In the face of adversity, Iain found solace in prayer, Padre Pio, and the support of good people around him. “As a domestic violence survivor, I’ve faced times when my day-to-day life was so hard. My work situation was stressful, and every night I was physically and emotionally abused at home. I only got through with prayer, Padre Pio, and the good people around me.”

Last year, Iain reached out to us with a special request. He wanted to set up an endowment fund through a gift in his Will to support others facing domestic and family violence. “I will be at peace knowing I have done something to ease that burden for someone else,” he said. This selfless act of giving is a testament to Iain’s enduring spirit and his desire to make a positive impact.

Iain’s generosity extends beyond his financial contributions. He loves to travel and uses his journeys to help others. “I have lived through hardship, so I try to find people who are also suffering and give them something good to hold onto. It doesn’t have to be something big – a meal, a blanket, a listening ear if that is what they need. I’d like to think my travels will help people in need.”

Iain has no desire for recognition. He is inspired by the parable of the old woman who offered two copper coins at church – her humble gift was the greatest because it was given in faith. “You can’t take money with you, so I want to leave some money behind to help people. I choose to do this anonymously because I don’t want my name up in lights; I don’t need a shrine of remembrance. I just want people who need help to have access to it through my gift.” Iain’s endowment fund, created through his Will, will provide eternal support and care to domestic violence survivors, year after year.

Iain’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact of faith and generosity. His resilience and commitment to helping others inspire us all. We hope his story touches your heart as it has ours and encourages you to continue supporting the vital ministries of the Catholic Foundation.

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