The Assembly of Catholic Profesionals

The Assembly of Catholic Professionals (ACP) is a vibrant community of Catholic professionals united by their faith and a desire to deepen their connection with it.  At the ACP, you’ll find yourself among peers who share your values and aspirations, fostering an environment of mutual support and inspiration.  


Our forum serves as a platform for professionals to engage with a like-minded community and Archdiocesan leadership providing opportunities to explore and discuss topics relevant to the Church and its impact on society.  Every gathering offers a blend of insightful discussions, engaging presentations, and networking opportunities, leaving attendees feeling enriched and energized. 


Benefit from the wisdom of highly regarded local, national and international speakers who offer their unique perspective on faith and professional life, stimulating both mind and spirit. 

Expand your understanding of contemporary issues affecting both your professional and personal life.  Through dialogue with Archdiocesan leaders and fellow members, you can contribute to positive change within the Catholic community in Brisbane and beyond.  


Join us for our luncheons hosted by Archbishop Mark Coleridge. Hear from speakers who share their personal and professional journeys and insights in a warm and inclusive atmosphere.  These gatherings foster meaningful connections and partnerships, nurturing personal and professional growth. 

Join us at ACP and discover a community where faith, profession, and fellowship converge.