We are grateful to the members of our boards and committees for their contribution to the Catholic Foundation's success

Resource Development Forum

The purpose of the Resource Development Forum is to engage a broad cross-section of interested individuals in the work of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, bringing a greater depth of knowledge and expertise to the development of sustainable financial programs for parishes, schools, Centacare and other ministries of the Church in South East Queensland. The Resource Development Forum is a sub-committee of advisory to the Archdiocesan Services Council Catholic Foundation. All governance of the Archdiocese is reserved to the Archbishop of Brisbane and his designees.

Current Members

Pam Betts – Executive director, Brisbane Catholic Education - Chair

Very Reverend Peter Brannelly – Parish Priest, Caloundra Parish

Cheryl Caughley – Manager, Archdiocesan Development Fund

Very Reverend John Conway – Parish Priest, St Bernadine’s Catholic Parish, Regents Park

Very Reverend Mauro Conte – Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Southern Cross Catholic Parish, Springfield

Ashley Goldsworthy AO OBE KM – Executive Chairman, Goldsworthy Academy Pty Ltd

Reverend Frank Jones – Assistant Rector, Holy Spirit Seminary

Tricia Kennedy – Senior Leader – School Operations, Brisbane Catholic Education

Adrian Taylor – Communications Manager, Archdiocese of Brisbane

Margaret Vider – Chairperson, Plenary Council Taskforce

Mary Macuga – Director, Catholic Foundation

Andrew Musial – Executive Director, Archdiocesan Services and Archdiocesan Development Fund

Mr. Martyn Savage – Principal at St Anthony’s Alexandra Hills Primary School

Mr John Phelan – Manager Communications and Marketing, Brisbane Catholic Education Office

Archdiocesan Ministries and Services Council

The role of the Archdiocesan Ministries and Services Council (AMSC) is to assist agencies (or similar), being Archdiocesan Services; Evangelisation Brisbane; Legal, Governance and Risk; Institute of Faith Education; and Episcopal and Corporate, fulfil their mission, by providing strategic advice and recommendations to the Agencies in relation to their ministries, services and operations.

Current Members

Dr Dominic Katter
Mr Anthony Oostenbroek
Fr Peter Brannelly
Most Rev Ken Howell (Presider)
Mr Bernard Baker (Ex-officio)
Dr Cathy See