Support Prison Ministry

Sometimes it is the confronting things in life that serve as a reminder to live in love. To meet every person on our path with an open heart and without prejudice. This is what you do every time you support  Centacare’s social services.

Through Centacare’s Prison Ministry, we learn that in many cases, bad decisions were made for them. In a 2020 report from Prison Ministry, almost half of those accessing the service suffered severe physical, sexual, and institutional abuse in their formative years. They have been living in and around ‘the system’ for as long as they can remember. On their release, they have no-one to turn to, and nothing to go back to.

Through your kindness and care, and through this ministry, you are working exactly where Jesus would be. You are making a tremendous difference to the people we serve.


Your generous gift to support those at the margins and outskirts of society is a true gift of love and care.
Thank you for your kind support.