Support Domestic and Family Violence

Did you know almost 25% of Australians say they remember seeing their mothers violently abused by her partner?

When I speak to mothers who escape domestic violence, they often say they ‘tried to shield the children from it.’ But the sad truth is, domestic violence is not contained within four walls. It has a domino effect that travels far and wide without  discrimination. For women like Cindy*, the impact of domestic and family violence goes further and deeper than just her own experience of pain. When she reflects on her life as a survivor of domestic violence, she says that it leaves a mark that is impossible to remove, and very hard to rise above.

But despite all this, there is hope. Care is available.

Find out more about the impact of domestic and family violence on children or read more about Cindy's journey to safety in our latest appeal for support.

Will you care today to give a better tomorrow? Your gift of care can change their future.