Your gift helps local children in need

Through your generous support to the Mary MacKillop Brisbane Catholic School Access Fund, you provide an opportunity for children to be embraced by a supportive and caring Catholic community at a time when life at home is difficult.

Families who apply for a MacKillop Fund Bursary come from all walks of life, with different experiences of extreme hardship, trauma and financial devastation. What they share in common is a deep desire for their child to receive a Catholic education.

This is an important aspect of the MacKillop Fund – together we provide students with a supportive and caring Catholic community. A ‘family’ that encourages them to reach their potential despite the adversity they face in their home lives. Through your kindness, you help lift families in trauma and despair into opportunity.

"Your donation to provide a Catholic education helps young people learn and develop as people of compassion, integrity, and faith. The bursary includes tuition (for either primary school or high school), textbooks, uniforms and local excursions.
Your donation will go to a student to receive Catholic school education, uniforms and textbooks, through to Year 12."

Please consider making a donation using the form below, or you can set up a monthly gift and give children in our local community a chance to fulfil their unique potential through a Mary MacKillop Bursary.

See if you or someone you know is eligible

Bursaries are available for families who are experiencing significant hardship, and live within the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Find out more about applying here.


A legacy of inclusive education

“These bursaries are funded through charitable gifts from mums and dads, parishioners, and the faithful. All of us working together to ensure this Fund can work in the poorest parts of our Archdiocese, where it serves destitute families in crisis and gives children the chance to see their education through a Catholic lens.”