Thank you from Archbishop Mark

Through 2023 there were many challenges for the Church in Brisbane and across Australia. Looking back, we see a range of achievements made possible by the unwavering commitment of the Catholic community and your exceptional generosity.

We have sought to understand the world around us and to act on the basis of that understanding to bring the justice and peace of God, especially in our engagement with First Nations peoples and the search for a more inclusive and equitable society. By the grace of God and the dedication of our clergy, religious and lay faithful, we have seen the power of compassion in action. The good works of the Church are a great sign of Christ's love, supporting our most vulnerable brothers and sisters and fostering communities of faith that are vibrant and welcoming.

Your generosity has enabled these good works; it shows in every soul touched by our pastoral care and in every community strengthened by our presence. The work of the Church, enabled by your support, not only provides aid and comfort to the needy but also nurtures a culture of care, promotes justice and peace, and spreads the Gospel of hope and salvation.

As we look to the future we ask, What does the Gospel ask of us now? You will help us answer that question with compassion, courage and creativity; and for that I offer a heartfelt thanks. May the God who raised Jesus from the dead bless you in every way.

“As a registered nurse of 48 years, I have seen firsthand the physical and psychological impacts of domestic violence on women and children. I continue to donate in the hope that it will help in a practical way to assist with providing shelter and safety to those who feel as if there is no escape,”

Dierdre Begley

Impact Reports for previous years


The light of your generosity shines through the darkness of a year that has brought pandemic, floods and war. That is the light of the Gospel - the Good News of an infinitely generous God. The light shines through you in the comfort you bring to our retired priests, in the support you offer to our future priests in the seminary, in the care you provide to those living on the margins of society, and in the hand you lend to families suffering hardship, who dream of a Catholic education for their children.