Be blessed and bless others with your gift

20 - 21 August 2022

The Archdiocese of Brisbane is a vibrant and dynamic Church - nowhere is this more visible than in the cooperative effort of the Annual Catholic Campaign. The Campaign supports vital ministries around South East Queensland and relies on the generosity of our parishioners. Thank you for your generous support - your gift is precious, and we truly appreciate all you do to grow our community through the Annual Catholic Campaign.


Your gift is a blessing to someone in need

The Annual Catholic Campaign is an opportunity to listen to the words of Jesus,  to your own heart, and to the plight of those less fortunate around us. It leads us to trusting what we hear and following whereJesus leads – becoming more and more like the Master as we go, until we become so like him that people see Jesus in us.

Your gift supports vital ministries




Holy Spirit Seminary


The Priests Foundation


Mary MacKillop Bursary Fund


Blessings and support for the Annual Catholic Campaign

“The work enabled by this campaign has a wonderful impact for vulnerable members of the community. God Bless all those who are engaged in helping these vital ministries.”

 - Virginia (Holy Family Parish)