Getting older is a slow and gradual process. New aches and pains seem to manifest daily, and in some cases, they are as unexpected as they are unwanted! But these aches and pains don’t slow our retired priests down much. In December 2020, we gathered a big group of our retired priests for Christmas lunch. Archbishop Mark made the comment that,
while many of these men of God are now frail, they are still actively involved in ministry. Despite the limitations of the flesh, their spirits are lively, and their vocational calling has never faded. These men have lived their lives in service to God and His people and find it almost impossible to stop.

Jokingly, the men in the room dubbed themselves ‘senior priests’ rather than retired ones. And this is true. Combined, they have said more than 180,000 Masses. They have heard confessions of every kind, and have given advice and guidance for every concern and fear. They have built communities and supported people with compassion and care.

Through the Priests Foundation, you ensure these men have access to a nurse and the healthcare they need when their bodies start refusing to cooperate. You make sure they have a home that is suitable to their ability and needs. You give them the peace of mind that, when the time comes, their retirement will be dignified. Donations like yours tell them they
are still needed and valued, and because of you, they keep answering the calling in their hearts without fear or doubt.

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