Building a strong connection to church in our youth is essential to ensure the future of our Catholic faith. It is this need that drives the Moorooka Salisbury parish’s Youth and Family Mass Initiative. In 2020, the parish received vital funding through the Annual Grants Program to invest in this exciting new project.

Mr Daniel Ibbott, the Youth and Family Mass Coordinator says “The success and growth potential of this Mass and its youth membership is already evident. A Youth Band has
been organised along with a Youth Choir; with musicians and singers regularly committing to participate. Youth and young adults have offered their talents at other Sunday Masses, by participating as Ministers of the Word, as cantors, and facilitating the parish’s Monthly Children’s liturgies.”

Parish priest, Father Dan Redhead, expressed his thanks to donors who support the Annual Grants Program. “Through the funding received from the Annual Grants Program, we hope to nurture young people’s spirituality through musical expression. Support from the program means more Catholic youth and young families will be drawn back to practise their faith within the community.”

The Parish has also been able to appoint a Parish Youth Coordinator, Nick Kelly, who is excited to see what this new position will mean for the parish. “This program supports
present and future generations of our Church. Despite 2020 being a turbulent year, we are making progress in creating an authentic space for young people to feel like they belong in our Catholic Church today,” Nick said.

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