The Mary MacKillop Bursary Fund was established to provide hope and support to families in crisis, when they need the care of a Catholic community most. At the heart of the Fund are those generous donors who care for these children and families because they truly believe in the transformative power of a holistic Catholic education. This fund is not just about providing financial assistance; it’s about changing lives, one student at a time.

Today, we share the inspiring story of Ruwan* a remarkable young man whose life has been profoundly transformed by the Mary MacKillop Fund. Ruwan and his family came to Australia seeking refuge from persecution. In his new home, he faced the daunting prospect of continuing his education in an unfamiliar environment. The Fund supported him throughout his highschool career, and this year, Ruwan graduated year 12. He wrote the message below to say ‘thank you’ for the support he received over the past six years.

As a recipient of Mary MacKillop Fund bursary, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the support you have provided my family and me. Your generosity granted me the incredible opportunity to attend my local Catholic school. Here, I have not only excelled academically, achieving perfect scores in subjects like biology, chemistry, and psychology, but also grown personally. Coming from a refugee background, the dream of completing my high school education in a private Catholic school seemed unattainable. However, your sponsorship for six years of my schooling life has been a cornerstone in my transformation into a highly motivated and academically successful student.

Beyond academics, the sponsorship has fostered personal growth. I have engaged in enriching activities, formed strong connections with teachers and peers, and discovered my passions. This journey has instilled in me a confidence and a firm belief that anything is possible. I am eternally grateful for your support in nurturing my dreams and aspirations. I eagerly look forward to the day when I can give back to the community, just as you have generously supported me.

Ruwan’s story is a testament to the profound impact your donations have. Each contribution, no matter the size, helps write a success story for students like Ruwan. Your generosity doesn’t just fund education; it builds futures, fosters hope, and nurtures dreams.

Ruwan’s aspiration to contribute to the community in the future reflects the cycle of kindness and support that the Mary MacKillop Fund aims to perpetuate. It’s about creating a community where support and generosity flow continuously, uplifting one life at a time. Your ongoing support ensures that many more students like Vithusha can achieve their dreams.

*This is a real letter, received from a real MacKillop Bursary recipient. To protect their privacy, we do not use the names or images of our MacKillop students, but please know the impact you have in their lives is real.