Keep the Blue Cross shining

Dedicated to all Queensland Catholic soldiers and sailors who died in World War I, Our Lady of Victories parish has provided authentic spiritual nourishment for thousands of Catholics from across Brisbane since 1919.

Its iconic Blue Cross shines as a beacon of perpetual remembrance, and as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s message of hope and salvation, brought to us through His mother Mary.
That message was preached on the main altar by Saint John Paul II, then Cardinal Wojtyla, when he visited the parish in 1973. The Polish community has been an integral part of the parish since the 1950s.

Today, Our Lady of Victories is a close-knit family of both English and Polish speaking parishioners, committed to preserving its heritage and carrying its essence forward into a new springtime of growth.

Bowen Hills - Our Lady of Victories Parish Endowment Fund

By donating, your gift will keep giving into the future, year after year. The fund’s capital is preserved but keeps generating annual interest to provide an income stream for the parish. The bigger the fund, the bigger the annual income stream.

Your donation will spread the Church’s mission to our wider community, continue to provide a vibrant sacramental life and help maintain the extensive church site and facilities. We would be extremely grateful for any investment you can make, no matter how small or large.

Our goal is to keep the Blue Cross shining here in this place, and by our lives, to enlighten a world increasingly lost in confusion.

A gift in your Will

You can choose to donate directly to the endowment fund now, or leave a bequest (gift in your Will) to the parish. Please use the text below. While endowment gifts are not tax deductible, the fund is one of a range of ways you can support our parish. Please email us  for more information. Please also note that when updating or creating your Will it is important that you seek professional independent advice and also discuss your wishes with your family.

Our Lady of Victories Parish Endowment Fund bequest clause:

“I give (amount/percentage of my estate/asset/item) to The Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane for the use and benefit of general charitable, religious and educational purposes of the Bowen Hills - Our Lady of Victories Parish Endowment Fund. In the event that the parish has changed its name or been amalgamated with another parish or parishes, this gift shall be given to the parish which at the date of my death incorporates the major area of the Bowen Hills - Our Lady of Victories Parish as it exists at the time of making of this Will.”