Our latest report

Your generosity in helping to promote the Gospel and advance the apostolic works of the Church makes you part of God’s plan for humanity and our local community.

Thank you for providing the spiritual and financial resources which allow the Church to serve those in our community who are most in need. These pages tell only part of the story of your generosity and the fruit it has borne in the life of the Church and the lives of people. Only God knows the whole story, and God it is who will reward you for what you are and what you do in the name of Jesus his Son.


Impact Reports for previous years


The light of your generosity shines through the darkness of a year that has brought pandemic, floods and war. That is the light of the Gospel - the Good News of an infinitely generous God. The light shines through you in the comfort you bring to our retired priests, in the support you offer to our future priests in the seminary, in the care you provide to those living on the margins of society, and in the hand you lend to families suffering hardship, who dream of a Catholic education for their children.


Thank you for being a true reflection of the tenderness and compassion Jesus teaches us to emulate. Your gifts in 2020 helped people from every walk of life – you cared for our retired priests, our seminarians, and young people in need of a loving Catholic school community. You provided for survivors of domestic and family violence, and you ensured the homeless and destitute had somewhere to turn in their time of need.



We thank and celebrate the thousands of people who contribute to the work we do
and I am deeply grateful for your partnership with us. By investing where your heart is engaged, you are making a difference to so many.


Each of us is called to be a disciple of Jesus, to follow the path of humility and sacrifice that leads to Calvary and beyond, from darkness into light. This means looking not to ourselves but to the needs and concerns of others. Your gifts, made through the Catholic Foundation, support vital services.



Your generosity means our most vulnerable neighbours are cared for in their greatest hour of need and the future of the  priesthood is safeguarded for years to come.  It means children from  disadvantaged families experience the life-changing gift of a Catholic education, and elderly and sick priests receive support for their health, housing and living needs.


The history of the Catholic Church in this country and elsewhere shows how powerfully faith gives birth to mercy. St Paul tells us that faith without works is dead, and the works of the Church have been the works of mercy. These are in fact the works of God who is the source of all mercy.



Today we see an Archdiocese that has borne fruit because of seeds planted by those who went before us. Following in their footsteps in very different times, we hope and pray that in the soil of south-east Queensland we too can plant good seed that will bear great fruit. I ask that you join me in holding in prayer all those who have spread God’s love and mercy by sharing their resources with the Catholic Foundation or dedicating their energies to its indispensable work.