Former groundskeeper Tony Micallef started working at Holy Spirit Seminary more than ten years ago and immediately felt at home. Having been a farmer all his life, he quickly recognised that there was good soil and great opportunities to expand his duties and supplement the diet of seminarians and staff.

Tony says, “I was an altar boy in my Church in Malta before we came to Australia. My mum would wake me up at 5:00 am one week to serve at the church, and at 6:30 am the following week to volunteer at the hospital. I swapped this around with my brother so that there was always someone to help. The church and charity have always been important in our lives.”

Decades later, Tony is still driven to give back. By observing the growth of the young men in formation at Holy Spirit Seminary, and seeing the impact others make through their gifts, Tony and his wife Grace are moved to do the same.

“When we prepared our Will we made sure the children were taken care of, then we included a gift to the Seminary. If we don’t have priests there will be no Church, so we have to do what we can to help where it is needed. Our greatest hope for our future gift is that it will help ensure that we have more priests. So that people can remember God at every stage of their lives, not just when life is bad.”

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