1 Corinthians 13 reminds us that, in God’s family, we are measured by our ‘attitude of love.’ Our words and actions are important, but what is in our hearts far more so.

In this, Lorna Quillinan is a true example of loving our neighbours and caring for those less fortunate. While Lorna is now a loyal and generous supporter, they always struggled to make ends meet when she was younger. She would walk to work rather than take the bus – saving those funds to buy bread for her seven children.

Lorna has always worked, often three jobs at a time, where she would be away from her children at night. Arriving home in the morning just in time to get the children ready for school, she would then get some sleep and start her next job cleaning people’s homes. Always, while she was working, she would ask God to help her find a way to feed her children an evening meal. He always answered her. She always believed he would. She always had faith.

Now that her children are adults, Lorna gives what she can to support others in difficult circumstances. She is not wealthy, but she gives with love. Her heart and actions give true meaning back to that often overused word. Through her actions, she loves God and she loves others.

Lorna makes a regular donation to support children in need of a loving Catholic school community, as well as Holy Spirit seminary.

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