“I have always lived by the adage that what one gives from the right pocket somehow turns up in the left pocket. How often this has been the case!”

In 2012, When the Annual Catholic Campaign was launched, Marcia and Nicole Wimmer thought it only natural to combine their various charitable gifts by making a monthly donation. “It saved me remembering when they were due, and it meant that we would be part of something bigger than just our small contribution every month”, says Marcia.
“We have always enjoyed a close relationship with, and unfailing support from, our parish priests spiritually, socially and in times of stress, most recent being when Nicole had major heart surgery. They have been a critical support when we needed it most, and I will always be grateful for their time and care. This is one of the reasons supporting Holy Spirit Seminary is high on my priority list. And of course, caring for our retired priests in their twilight years.”

As a retired teacher, Marcia knows firsthand the important difference a holistic Catholic education can make in a child’s life. “With education being of paramount importance in today’s society and considering my background in teaching, I particularly liked the focus on the MacKillop Bursary Fund to provide bursaries to students experiencing extreme hardship and financial difficulties to assist them to reach their potential now and in the future. This, together with my more recent volunteer work gave me a deeper perspective and understanding of the challenges so many in our communities face every waking hour. Having experienced similar circumstances when our family was growing up, I have great empathy for those struggling with today’s cost of living.”

The Living Faith Society is a dedicated group of donors who support their local Church through regular monthly or quarterly donations. Through this generous commitment, they ensure that the Church will always be there to provide for the most vulnerable people in our community. “Contributing to this initiative of the Church gives me the opportunity to support and thank our priests, young and old – God bless them – and to provide a Catholic education and community of faith to embrace these students in their formative years.”