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Create an endowment fund

How endowment funds work

Endowments are perpetual funds that literally last forever. The principal gift is invested in perpetuity and will never be spent down, leaving it forever able to generate income for a charitable organisation or cause. Through this gift, you become an eternal guardian of your faith.

How endowments grow and fund ministries into the future

How endowments grow and fund ministries into the future

Examples are based on 8.8% annual growth (indicative of 10 year historical Australia average) with 5% for grants and 1% for administrative costs.

What is the minimum amount for a principal gift?

The principal gift must be a minimum of $50,000.

Naming opportunities

You can select a favourite organisation (such as a parish) or ministry (such as work among the poor) as the designated recipient of annual funding. The new endowment can be named in honour or memory of individuals and families or for a specific parish, school or ministry.

Can donations be made to the fund later?

The Catholic Foundation can process future deposits to the fund from interested individuals at any time. These funds generate income allowing an annual charitable payment back to the organisation. Endowments are critical to the long-term survival of parishes, schools and charitable organisations as they provide a permanent and stable source of income over time.

Can anyone make a donation to the fund?

Yes. Donations to existing funds can be made here.

Contact the Catholic Foundation on 07 3324 3200 to learn more about setting up a perpetual fund.