Annual Catholic Campaign

The Archdiocese of Brisbane is a vibrant and dynamic Church – nowhere is this more visible than in the cooperative effort of the Annual Catholic Campaign. The campaign supports vital ministries within the Archdiocese and relies on the generosity of our parishioners. This year, the Annual Catholic Campaign will be held in parishes on 9-10 September. Please consider giving a gift to support the good works of the Church today.

4 major areas of need for the Church today

The Archbishop invites your support for the current major areas of need in the local Church:

  1. Priests Foundation caring for retirement and health of priests
  2. Centacare supporting Catholic social services
  3. Holy Spirit Seminary educating seminarians for our future parishes
  4. MacKillop Fund providing education bursaries to children in critical circumstances

If you prefer to contribute a non tax-deductible donation your gift will go toward the Annual Grants Program contributing to grants for grassroots ministry throughout the Archdiocese. For processing purposes, your gifts must be made to this fund separately.

Working together for the local Church

Together all the faithful – priests, parish ambassadors and parish communities, principals, teachers, and school communities – work to promote and support the Church’s core mission.

About the Campaign – one annual in-parish appeal

The Annual Catholic Campaign streamlines the Archdiocese of Brisbane appeals into one in-parish campaign. This fundraising process has become more efficient for parishes and schools, which in turn has fostered stronger support for the major areas of need in the Archdiocese.

How much was raised in last year’s Campaign?

Your gifts to the 2016 Campaign totalled $1.3 million. All tax-deductible donations to the Campaign are equally divided between the above four areas of need.

Why your monthly donations make all the difference

In 2016, monthly donations collectively contributed just over 26% of the total funds raised in the Campaign. The success of the Annual Catholic Campaign relies on our ability to effectively implement one consolidated fundraising effort and exceed what would have been raised in the previous multiple in-parish appeals. The only way to raise more funding through fewer appeals is to support the Annual Catholic Campaign with regular monthly gifts.

Make a regular monthly gift and become part of the Living Faith Society