“Do not cast me off in the time of old age. Do not forsake me when my strength fails.” Psalm 71:9

Support retired priests

Your donations ensures a dignified future for all our retired priests

Support retired priestsWhy your help is so critical?

Pope Francis said, “We are always priests, with all our soul and with all our heart. Being an ambassador of Christ… is a mission that penetrates our entire being.”

Priests are one of the cornerstones of our Catholic community and in many ways, part of our extended families. Just as we plan and carefully consider retirement options for the older members of our own family, we also need to provide for the spiritual, material and medical needs of our retired, elderly, and unwell priests.

Your gifts to The Priests Foundation allows retired priests to live in dignity, free of anxiety about their means of support. Through your prayerful gift, you add to priests’ sense of security as the costs associated with retirement, including insurance, healthcare, prescription medication, skilled nursing care and housing continue to escalate.

You can support our senior priests with a donation today or begin a monthly gift to provide for ongoing their retirement needs.

Still a part of parish life

Between celebrating Mass, attending meetings, overseeing parish finances, weddings, funerals, confirmations, hospital visits, confessions, and other appointments, the amount of work performed by priests each day can be quite substantial. While most citizens retire at age 65, priests typically retire a full ten years later.

In their senior years, many still relieve other parish priests and will concelebrate Mass locally. In fact, together, the retired priests in the Archdiocese of Brisbane have more years of service than the life of the Catholic Church.

Retired priestsRetired priestsRetired priest

The average age of priests is rising

At present, with the help of generous people like you, the Priests Foundation cares for 57 priests in retirement. By 2020, the Priests Foundation will need to significantly increase their resources to ensure they can continue to care for an ageing clergy.

“It is likely that we will have an extra 35 retired priests over the next five years alone,” says Fr Kevin Smith, chairman of the Priests Foundation, “without gifts from the generous supporters, the critical services such as accommodation support, transport assistance, and health care, which the Priests Foundation is able to provide would not be possible.”

You can support our senior priests with a donation today or begin a monthly gift to provide for ongoing their retirement needs.

Gifts over $2 are tax-deductible.