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Caring for Hearts Prep – Year 6 school resources

Centacare Pastoral Ministries – Make a real difference to the lives of real people

Your school can help care for more hearts by holding a fundraising for the Annual Catholic Campaign. All donations from your school will go towards Centacare to help fund their Pastoral Ministry.*

  1. Have a gold coin day – make it fun and hold a free-dress day
  2. Fundraise with food – have a sausage sizzle, organise a movie and pizza night at school or a picnic in the park OR
  3. Celebrate a school Mass – invite grandparents, parents, guardians and friends along to a school Mass to pray for local works of Mercy in the Church. A collection can be taken to support Centacare Pastoral Ministry.
*Centacare Pastoral Ministry receive no government funding and rely solely on donations

Teacher’s notes

Teacher’s notes Suggested Activities Prayers of the faithful

2015 ACC Teacher's notes

Teacher’s notes

2015 ACC Teacher's suggested activities

Teacher’s suggested activities

2015 ACC Teacher's suggested activities

Prayers of the Faithful


Decorate your classroom with these posters.

2015 ACC Poster - Care for Hearts

Download here

(Print me out on A3 paper in colour)

A Heart A Day

Learn about your own heart so that you can care for other people.

A Heart A Day - Year 3 - 4

Year 3 – 4

A Heart A Day - Year 5 - 6

Year 5 – 6

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes

Have fun with your friends and classmates with these chatterboxes.

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes - Prep - year 2

Prep – year 2

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes - Year 3 – 4

Year 3 – 4

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes - Year 5 – 6

Year 5 – 6

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes - Blank with heading

Blank with heading

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes - Blank version 1

Blank version 1

Caring for Hearts Chatterboxes - Blank version 2

Blank version 2

(Print me out with colour on A4 paper)

About Caring for Hearts

Caring for Hearts is an Annual Catholic Campaign activity designed for teachers at Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Brisbane to help teach advocacy for local causes to students and to promote the good works of our local Church.

Caring for Hearts school teacher’s notes and school resources have been provided by a volunteer Catholic education teacher.

Do you have great ideas for teaching materials?

Are you a teacher in the Archdiocese of Brisbane with great ideas and a drive to promote the mission of the Church? We’d love to hear from you.

To share your suggestions for classroom activities, fundraising ideas and resources please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Making a donation

To enable us to credit your gift toward your school or college please contact us with your school’s Supporter ID. We accept two payment options from schools:

Cheque Made payable to Annual Catholic Campaign. Mail to Catholic Foundation, GPO Box 282, BRISBANE Q 4001.

Electronic Transfer of Funds Call us on 07 3324 3200 to donate via EFT.