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Ambassador information

Do you want to do more to serve the Church?

As a faith community reaching across South East Queensland, the Archdiocese of Brisbane has numerous ministry opportunities that positively impact people’s lives. You can help to inspire and enable Catholics throughout the Archdiocese of Brisbane to provide needed support to vital Church agencies and programs that make a real difference to the lives of real people.

What’s involved?

  • You will need to attend Mass services on the weekend of the Campaign to assist the priest and staff in setting up the Church or Church centre to conduct the appeal.
  • You will also make an announcement before Mass begins, to inspire and encourage your parish, to support essential ministries of the Church.
  • The workload can be greatly reduced in each parish by having ambassadors and volunteers for each Mass service.

You will receive

  • Training and support: You can choose to attend an Ambassador training workshop or access materials online, to help you prepare for the Campaign weekend. You can also learn about all the ways that the local Church helps to serve the spiritual and charitable needs of many people in your local area.
  • Acknowledgement from the Archbishop: You will receive a letter of thanks from Archbishop Coleridge at the end of the Campaign, and a certificate of recognition for your CV (if requested).

What to do if you are you interested?

  1. Sign up here
  2. Contact Annual Catholic Campaign Coordinator, Lesley Williams on 07 3324 3290 or, if you have any queries.

What are the characteristics of an ideal Ambassador

  1. You want to inspire others
  2. You want to have a positive impact on people’s lives
  3. You have a heart for Christ and His Church
  4. You are a responsible individual
  5. You feel confident speaking briefly at Mass
  6. You want practical experience in representing a non-profit
  7. You want to serve others with your time

If you are a senior school student, parent or teacher who is seeking to become more actively involved in the good works of the Church, we strongly encourage you to become an Archbishop’s Ambassador.

What are the benefits?

  1. You become an advocate for the people in need in your own community
  2. You are part of the good works of our Church
  3. You undertake a public and responsible role in your parish
  4. You practice your public speaking
  5. You learn about the non-profit sector
  6. You will make a difference helping out your parish community
  7. You enhance your personal sense of worth