Gift Agreement (for gifts made via direct debit) - Catholic Foundation

Gift Agreement (for gifts made via direct debit)

Archdiocese of Brisbane Direct Debit Service Agreement

The Catholic Foundation (the Foundation) undertakes to debit your account on the nominated day each period as per the information you provide. Please note the Foundation will not issue billing advices to you. Confirmation that the debit has occurred will be evidenced by the debit entry to your nominated bank or financial institution account.

The Foundation will provide you with 14 days’ notice if we change any of the terms of the DDR. You should contact the Foundation should you wish to:

  1. Alter the amount or defer any arrangements.
  2. Stop any debit item or Cancel this Direct Debit Request.
  3. Query or dispute any Debit item.

The Foundation requires you to provide your written instructions in relation to “1” and “2” above. In respect of “3”, the Foundation will investigate your claim and then liaise directly with you to achieve a resolution satisfactory to both the Foundation and you.

Direct Debiting is not available on all bank accounts. You will need to check with your bank or financial institution if you are uncertain whether your account is suitable for direct debiting. Credit Cards and some passbook accounts are not suitable for Direct Debits.

You should check your account details against a recent statement from your bank or financial institution to ensure their correctness. If uncertain, check with your bank or financial institution before completing the Direct Debit Request.

It is your responsibility to have sufficient clear funds available in the relevant account by the due date to permit the payment of Debit items in accordance with the Direct Debit Request.

When the due date for payment falls on a day which is not a Business Day the Debit will be processed by the Foundation on the next available Business Day. If you are uncertain when the debit will be processed to your account, please inquire direct to your Bank or Financial Institution.

If Debit items are returned unpaid by your Bank or Financial Institution, the Foundation will debit your account with the amount of the returned debit plus any processing charges incurred by the Foundation. You will be advised of the unpaid item by the Foundation. Any charges incurred by you at your Bank or Financial Institution are outside the control of the Foundation.

Details of Customer records and account details will be kept in confidence and accessed only by Foundation staff for the purpose of processing the Direct Debit Request, whilst noting that the Commonwealth Bank may require such information to be provided to them in connection with a claim made on the Bank relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.