What happens in a seminary?

“What exactly happens in a Seminary?” This question is often asked when people meet Monsignor John Grace, Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary, Banyo. Monsignor is always happy to answer – and his response is always a joyful one.

“It is a lively place, full of activity and a daily adventure for staff and students. Sometimes unpredictable and emotional; always filled with love and friendship. As Rector, I am immersed in the day-to-day education and formation of these young men. They are all different and have each come to their vocational calling by following their own, unique path. Here for approximately seven years, they are united by one goal – to become the shepherd that God calls them to be for His people. With your support, and by the grace of God, we can guide them through some of their journey.”

Of course, God is at the centre of everything that happens at Holy Spirit Seminary. Seminarians look to draw closer to God, to be more in the image of Jesus, and to become a shepherd that will lead the flock to salvation. Monsignor and the formation staff are also passionate about ensuring our seminarians are well rounded men – people who will understand the needs, fears, and daily struggles of their parishioners.

At the heart of the Seminary is the Oratory. Each day, seminarians and staff gather for Mass and prayer and on Thursdays, they come together for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It is in the Oratory that priestly hearts are formed by the Holy Spirit. This is also when our seminarians carry our donors and supporters in prayer, and give thanks for the generosity that supports their calling.

“All in all, we are a joyous group. We ‘fall in love with God’ a little more each day, as we discern His voice in our hearts and His purpose for our lives. The seminarians form a brotherhood and friendships that will last a lifetime”, said Monsignor Grace.

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