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Welcoming our new seminarians for 2017

It’s a delight to introduce the men who have just begun their first year at Holy Spirit Seminary: Gerard Lai, Isaac Falzon, David Nightingale, John Foley and Minje Kim.

“These seminarians will undertake what’s called their propaedeutic year. The year is about getting them settled into the kind of education and formation that is required for the priesthood. It’s a time to discern their response to a sense of the call of vocation that they have, which ultimately is a call confirmed by the Church,” says Monsignor John Grace.

As they adjust to their new life based on the rhythms of prayer and study, the students will work closely with Seminary staff on a programme based on Pastores Dabo Vobis an Apostolic Exhortation written by Pope John Paul II for the formation of priests in the present day. “We talk about four pillars of education now, there’s the academic education and their spiritual, pastoral and human formation, and there’s also their readiness and engagement in mission. We have staff who are professionally equipped to handle each of those areas,” says Monsignor Grace.

The seminarians themselves are excited for the year ahead, Gerard Lai said, “When I was praying about this call, and trying to discern whether I should go overseas, be a missionary priest or what sort of path God wanted for me I kept coming back to the importance of serving people that I grew up around. The charism and the way of life at Holy Spirit Seminary appealed to me immediately – the sense of community, the facilities are fantastic, and the staff formators are excellent. I think diocesan priest feels right for me, I like the idea of having your own family in a parish.”

This cohort brings the total number of seminarians at Holy Spirit to 21. Thank you for all that you do to help prepare these men for the priesthood and to build up our church, please keep them in your prayers.