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Thank you for keeping families in crisis safe

For most of us, the idea of being homeless is inconceivable. With friends, support networks and families to catch us when we fall, we know that should the worst happen, we have a safety net of loved ones in place. But for thousands of people in our local community the loss of security, the fear of not knowing where to turn next, and the grief of not being able to provide a home for their children is very real.

During September, 140 schools across the Archdiocese raised awareness and much needed funds for the Centacare’s Homelessness service. Thank you for your generosity and support – you have provided for services like crisis accommodation, counselling and support, and food and necessities for people who desperately need it.

Find out more about the Centacare Homelessness Service, and how you can make a difference, on the Catholic Foundation site.