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Supporting our seminarians: our future shepherds of service

Your gift is the answer to someone's prayer.

Seminarians today face challenges that priests of yesteryear could never have imagined. Once ordained, they lead our faith communities in a more secular, global and technologically driven world.

Our future priests will be of service to more complex and diverse communities than in the past. Parish priests now commonly minister to multiple congregations with growing multicultural communities and deal with complicated moral and ethical dilemmas.

Knowing all this, today’s seminarians continue to choose the path to priesthood.

Our seminarians feel blessed to be supported by parishioners across the Archdiocese of Brisbane. One of the second-year seminarians tells of his formation.

“When the seminary first opened, seminarians of the time lived a more monastic existence. Young priests of the day emerged from their formation ready and able to engage with their parishioners and the world .”

“Now, it’s our turn to be formed and today’s priests need to be trained differently in the midst of all the uncertainty in our world.”

“My call to come to Holy Spirit Seminary is undoubtedly a precious gift from God Himself – a gift that I must always treasure.”

“I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual growth and becoming an effective shepherd: learning to consolidate a strong prayer life, balancing my studies at the seminary and at university, developing as a person and a future ordained minister and keeping abreast with the digital world so I can stay relevant as a priest to my future parishioners.”

You can help support our next generation of Catholic leaders at Holy Spirit Seminary. Your financial gifts will help provide accommodation, classrooms, and facilities that contribute to their formation and education. It will equip them with the skills, knowledge, and spirituality to be shepherds to our communities.

Your gift brings relief to those who depend on the good works of the Church.

The Holy Spirit Seminary safeguards the future of the priesthood for years to come. To help support this vital ministry, prayerfully give to this year’s Annual Catholic Campaign.

Because of your generosity, our most vulnerable neighbours are cared for in their greatest hour of need. Children from disadvantaged families experience the life-changing gift of a Catholic education, and elderly and sick priests receive support for their health, housing and living needs.

Please prayerfully consider giving a regular gift. Most of all, however you choose to give, your gift will be the answer to someone’s prayer. You can give a gift online or call the Catholic Foundation team on 3324 3200.