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Support for elderly and unwell priests

The Annual Catholic Campaign supports our elderly and unwell priests in retirement.

Jesus entrusted us with the task of caring for the poorest and most vulnerable among us and spreading the Good News of the Gospel. Here in South East Queensland one of the ways we answer that call is through the Annual Catholic Campaign which funds vital works of the Church in our local communities.

Committing your life to serve God as a priest and guiding his people for 65 years may be difficult for many to understand. Yet for 89-year-old retired priest Father Martin Doyle, saying Mass and the Eucharist was his greatest privilege.

“Saying the Mass and the homilies even on a weekday was a great thing for me and I enjoyed giving a little talk on the scriptures,” Father Martin said.

Father Martin worked across Brisbane for many years and spent 17 years at Burleigh Heads which was considered Australia’s largest parish. Despite having a stroke and retiring from full-time parish duties at the age of 62, he still travelled to the Cathedral to provide the sacrament of reconciliation for eight years.

“You want to still do something, whether it’s just to remember people in your prayers,” said Father Martin.

Next year Father Martin will turn 90. Reflecting on his time of service, Father Martin speaks about his gratitude for the help he has received later in life. “It’s a wonderful relief to have the Priests Foundation to look out for us,” he said. For 17 years, the Priests Foundation has continued its commitment to caring for elderly, retired and unwell priests through the responsible stewardship of funds.

With these generously donated funds, retired priests without an independent income or the support of family can access basic living assistance, convalescent care, accommodation, health and transport support to help ensure dignity in their senior years. The need remains urgent as significant numbers of priests will retire from full-time ministry in the near future.

None of this would be possible without the ongoing and committed support of donors whose understanding, faith and hope show their appreciation and respect for these elderly men who have given their lives in service.

Please consider making a gift to the Annual Catholic Campaign and supporting our retired priests.