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Retired priest still active

Father Jim Browne jovially describes himself as a “re-treaded” rather than a retired priest. In fact, since his retirement in 2002, he has helped the people of Macleay and the Bay Islands build their first church.

Thanks to your prayerful gifts, elderly and retired priests, like Father Jim, are able to continue to live out their calling to serve God and his Church in the Archdiocese.

Retired priests embody the essence of giving and sacrifice. While Father Jim has a seemingly endless vigour to further the Lord’s work, he has been grateful to receive the support of the Priests Foundation numerous operations and procedures.

Priest remains active in retirement

In spite of his health concerns, Father Jim continues to be inspired by the words of Jesus, “The Son of Man came to serve, not to be served. He gave his life as a ransom for many and I think that’s the bottom line when it comes to who we are as servants”.

Like Father Jim, most retired priests continue to be actively engaged in the community, supporting their brother priests and helping people in need. They freely and happily give their time to celebrate Mass and other sacraments and provide chaplaincy to hospitals, schools, prisons, aged care and social service groups.

Support from the Priests Foundation

There are currently 57 priests who receive support from the Priests Foundation and over the next five years, 15 more will be eligible for retirement. Thanks to your prayerful gift Archdiocesan priests are provided basic living assistance, convalescent care, accommodation, health and transport support.

Thank you for your support of retired priests in prayer and deed.

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