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Pastoral support gives hope and changes lives

Your gift is the answer to someone's prayer.

Dementia steals individuals away from their loved ones, one memory at a time. With rates of dementia are on a dramatic increase, the need for pastoral support services for both the sufferer and their family has never been greater, as Joan and her husband Peter know all too well.

“We don’t have children; it’s pretty much the two of us,” said Joan.

“Over the past 47 years, we’ve enjoyed the same sorts of things, like discussing books and movies. But Peter’s term memory is disappearing.”

Centacare’s pastoral support services

Joan can’t put a value on the pastoral support she receives through Centacare. “I don’t know what I’d do without them – the Centacare team is a God send.”

Centacare supports some of the most vulnerable people in our community, often reaching out and connecting them with services when they are in greatest need or have nowhere else to turn.

Ann Donaghy works with families like the Jenkins every day. “Over 70% of people diagnosed with dementia live in the community, so it’s everyone’s moral duty to understand how we can offer pastoral support to people affected, and their loved ones, to give them the dignity and quality of life they deserve,” she said.

“Caring for someone can be fulfilling. But it can also be stressful and leave people feeling emotionally and physically spent. We give carers a chance to take time for themselves and recharge, it’s beneficial for both the carer and the person receiving care.”

Your gift brings relief to those who depend on the good works of the Church.

Centacare serves our most vulnerable neighbours when they are in greatest need. It is one of the vital ministries that relies on the Annual Catholic Campaign.

Through the generosity of parishioners across the Archdiocese, our elderly and sick priests are comforted, knowing their health, housing and living needs will be met in their retirement through the Priests Foundation, the lives of children from disadvantaged families are changed with a gift of a Catholic education through the MacKillop Fund, and the future of the priesthood is safeguarded for years to come through the Holy Spirit Seminary.

You can give a gift online or call the Catholic Foundation team on 3324 3200

Learn more about Centacare’s dementia friendly conference in September.