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Grateful response from the mother of a MacKillop Fund Bursary recipient

Words can’t express how blessed we feel to have the privilege of receiving the MacKillop Fund bursary for our son. We cannot begin to convey the amazing difference this will bring to our lives…

The MacKillop Fund has been set up as a perpetual fund, which means every year more and more children who face significant hardship enjoy the academic and spiritual gift of a Catholic education.

“…Our son has made a wonderful transition into the first year of high school. It has had such a positive effect on him and a wonderful impact on so many levels. Without going into too much detail, our family has endured many unfortunate happenings over the past few years and while I would never wish this for my family it has helped build life skills and character strengths that sometimes only come with hardship.”

Many of these young students have endured more tragedy and loss in their short lives than most people see in a lifetime.

Gifting a Catholic education to those in the throes of family breakdown or prolonged hardship remains true to the ethos of Australia’s first saint, Mary MacKillop. Mary’s simple words “never see a need without doing something about it” resonate through the ongoing generosity you provide.

With your generous support we can continue to enrich the lives of these very deserving families.

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