Never see a need without doing something about it

At the heart of Mary MacKillop’s vocation was the belief that every child deserves a faith-based education – especially those children from families living in hardship. 2020 has been a turbulent year for many students and families, but for one little girl it has been a year filled with the love and support of her new Catholic school community.

Jessica* is the eldest of three sisters who were removed from their parents by the Department of Child Safety. At an age where most children are still learning to tie their shoelaces, Jessica took the burden of protecting and caring for her siblings upon herself. Now, after years of neglect and abuse, they are in the care of a family member. Through the kindness of donors to the MacKillop Fund, Jessica has been given a bursary and the support of a caring Catholic school community. A ‘family’ that welcomes and cherishes her.

Donations to the MacKillop Fund help to pay for Jessica’s tuition, the books she needs, a computer to study and a school uniform. By standing behind this child, they give her the best opportunity to reach her potential. And she is just one of 44 students receiving a MacKillop Bursary this year – 44 lives changed through the thoughtful support of our generous community.

These young students come from all walks of life but what they have in common is financial crisis in their families and often, an experience of trauma in their young lives. Many of them have lived through domestic violence, are in foster care, or have been deeply hurt by the people who should have loved them most.

When you make a donation to the MacKillop Fund, you are more than ‘just’ a supporter. You are part of the MacKillop family.


*The names of the people supported through your generosity have been changed to protect their privacy.