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How a MacKillop Bursary changed Jack’s life

When Jack was just twelve, his grandfather suffered from a brain aneurism and sadly, his grandmother passed away one week later. Jack’s family made the decision to move in to care for his grandfather and accordingly, Jack’s parents reduced their work hours to provide fulltime care. More recently, Jack’s parents have been experiencing serious health issues, and his father is currently undergoing radiation treatment. These combined challenges have left the family devastated and in financial crisis.

It is humbling to have to ask for help but Jack’s parents knew the importance of a Catholic education. Their gratitude shone through when Jack was awarded a MacKillop bursary, and his parents spoke to Brisbane Catholic Education about the blessing of having “mentors and teachers who will believe in Jack and can guide him along a path of faith and better possibilities.”

Because of your generous support, this boy has the opportunity to grow into an exceptional young man, with the support and guidance of a faith-based education. While aspects of his young life may continue to be difficult, Jack will face those challenges with the encouragement and support of a Catholic secondary school community here in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.

On behalf of Jack, his family and the other bursary recipients, thank you. Students receive free Catholic school education, uniforms and textbooks, through to Year 12.

Brisbane Catholic Education respectfully maintains the privacy of students in receipt of the MacKillop bursaries.

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