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Hospital chaplains the light in darkest times

Chaplains help hospital patients

Our Hospital Chaplains

Hospital chaplains are a light during challenging moments of our lives. Chaplains are volunteers who offer patients and their families comfort. One of our chaplains said:

“I’ve helped people through the toughest times of their lives. Sometimes we pray together, other times we just talk. But when circumstances look the bleakest, I find it’s then that people will ask questions about life, God, and their life’s journey – that’s where we can offer a shoulder, comfort and support.”

Your kind gifts have helped to support Centacare’s hospital chaplains looking after patients and their families in hospitals around Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Making Ministry Possible

Thanks to your support, hospital chaplains are able to continue their work and provide pastoral care to people in often difficult and vulnerable moments. It’s an indispensable ministry of the Church, made possible because of the financial support of people like you.

We are grateful to our army of volunteers and donors who enable our non-government funded work in prisons, hospitals, psychiatric pastoral care and Indigenous communities.

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Your local Church providing Catholic Social Services

Centacare has been providing support services to the people of South East Queensland for the past 50 years.

Whilst Centacare is a Catholic agency, they provide services to the entire community, regardless of religion, circumstance, ethnicity, economic situation, age, gender or ability.

Many services attract funding from both the Federal and Queensland governments, to help provide quality services to those in need. However, there are a growing number of vital services that do not receive any funding or are critically under-funded.

If you would like to contribute the growth of Centacare in the community, please consider a donation today.