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A new dream through a Catholic education

Your gift is the answer to someone's prayer.

Martha used to have nightmares. Now, through the MacKillop Fund, she has a new dream thanks to her nurturing Catholic education.

In the quiet of the night, Martha’s dreams are filled with horrors most of us will never know. She sees a man with a gun. She hears his shouts and threats and can even smell the cigarette smoke on his clothes. Sadly, these aren’t simply nightmares, they are memories.

Her mother tells us: “Before we came to Australia, our family lived in a war-torn country and lived in constant fear for our safety. I wanted to protect Martha from the outside world but she was with me one day when a man burst into our home, terrorised our family and tied me up.”

Her family escaped their homeland and made the brave decision to move to Australia to start a new life. Martha’s parents believe that a spiritual, social, emotional and academic education will nurture her wholeness and well-being. But they simply don’t have the means to send her to a Catholic school.

With your support

Because of your support, the Mary MacKillop Brisbane Catholic School Bursary Fund can give students like Martha the gift of Catholic education. This is something we often take for granted.

Martha’s new dream

Martha’s teacher sees Martha’s eyes light up each time they start class. “Martha has the ability and, more importantly, the work ethic to benefit from the opportunities available to her through Catholic education. I know that she will blossom with the support of a Mary MacKillop Fund bursary.

For Martha, going to school has a therapeutic effect. She loves learning and finds comfort in being a part of her class. “I am so happy when her teachers say that she is a vibrant and enthusiastic member of the class. “I just want her to have the best chance of a healthy and happy future. We know her new school Catholic community will help her become whole again and she will start to have happy dreams.”

*Photos of actual bursary recipients are not used as their identities are kept in confidence.

Your gift brings relief to those who depend on the good works of the Church.

The MacKillop Fund changes the lives of children from disadvantaged families with the gift of a Catholic education bursary. It is one of the vital ministries that relies on the Annual Catholic Campaign.

Through the generosity of parishioners across the Archdiocese, our most vulnerable neighbours are cared for when they are in greatest need through Centacare, the Priests Foundation gives our elderly and sick priests comfort, knowing their health, housing and living needs will be met in their retirement, and the future of the priesthood is safeguarded for years to come through the Holy Spirit Seminary.

You can learn more about the MacKillop School Access Fund including how to submit an application for the next round of bursaries.

You can give a gift online or call the Catholic Foundation team on 3324 3200.