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Fr Stephen Camiolo and the joys of his vocation

It brings me joy to be a priest, and my only hope is that people see God in the work of the priests.
Fr Stephen Camiolo, ordained November 2014

Father Stephen Camiolo has been a priest just 8 months now. Like all seminarians at Holy Spirit Seminary, Fr Stephen is committed to his personal prayer-life, well grounded in the faith, and has a real love for pastoral and sacramental work. But Fr Stephen’s answer to the call was unique.

“Although I was interested in the priesthood I went into hospitality after high school and later owned a business. But after 20 years in the service industry I realised that this career wasn’t fulfilling my life any more. To cut a long story short, I spent time as a support worker at Mercy Disability at Wooloowin and I found that very rewarding. During that time I discerned the priesthood. Looking back, hospitality prepared me for a life of service – I see God has been preparing me all my life.”

Beginning theology studies at the age of 50 was a challenge, Fr Stephen admits, “but I always found the Seminary a very encouraging place – Monsignor says, ‘you were never afraid to ask questions’”.

“As a seminarian at Holy Spirit – and as a priest – you are not on your own, and you can’t be on your own. You really count on the support of the Church and it’s humbling to know so many of the faithful in the Archdiocese are praying for you. Thank you to all the people who support the Seminary. Without you we wouldn’t be attracting the calibre of men that are coming through – the men I went through the seminary with are really good blokes.” Your continued generosity is a source of great inspiration to all seminarians.

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