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Catholic school gives hope to children in need

In a world where others want so much, 5-year-old Philip is fascinated with one thing: his brand new school bag!

The thought of going to school gives Philip so much joy, he jumps out of bed on a Monday morning. He’s excited to put on his uniform every day. He has no idea how much financial and emotional pressure his family are under ever since his mum was diagnosed with early-onset dementia.

A Catholic school gives his family hope for the future

Your generous gift has been combined with other donors to fund a bursary for Philip.

While his mum and dad were desperate for Philip to go to a pastorally-focused Catholic school, mounting medical bills placed this dream permanently out of their reach. Now, they are again filled with hope. Even though times ahead will be tough for Philip, his parents have a small measure of comfort knowing he’ll be cared for in his new Catholic school.

Thank you for helping to give this young family such peace of mind.

Hope for more than two dozen students

The start of the school year is especially bright for 25 students who have received a Mary MacKillop bursary.

Each of the students who receive a MacKillop bursary has experienced the shattering effects of family breakdown or extreme financial hardship. The Fund provides tuition fees to attend the local Catholic school and gives them the best chance to live up to their true potential.

As the fund grows, more bursaries will be awarded to deserving children across the Archdiocese. On behalf of each of our 25 MacKillop bursary recipients and their families, thank you for your support.

Please consider a prayerful gift to the Mary MacKillop School Access Fund