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A new phase of ministry

Over the decades, priests show their faithful dedication to their vocation and the teaching of Jesus and His saving mission. These men of God have travelled with us and our families for generations and are grateful to be present in your lives. Even as they enter their senior years, they continue to fulfil their calling give invaluable support to their brother priests, parishioners and our community through pray, word and deed. It is a generosity for which we are very grateful.

As they reach their later years, it is now our turn to care and provide for them.

Like Father Clifford Ellis. He retired from his parish in 2012 because of poor health – well before the ‘official’ retirement age of 75. Thanks to your support, he was able to get the care and support he needed to find a new home, medical and convalescent care.

On his recovery, he was also able to take on a new ‘assignment’ – as a mentor to a young man about to enter Holy Spirit Seminary. Now, six years later, Father Ellis and the newly ordained Deacon Joshua Whitehead are still firm friends.

The Priests Foundation provides vital services to sick or elderly priests who have given their lives to offer Christ’s love to the spiritually poor. Your ongoing generosity demonstrates your genuine care for the well-being of our priests and honours their freely given service to God and the Church, now and into the future.

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